About The 5×2 Initiative

The 5X2 Initiative was founded in 2013. Its purpose is to promote excellence in science and technology education as an engine for developing an overall culture of excellence while reducing educational gaps and providing equal opportunities for all. The joint mission defined in 2013 was to double the number of high school graduates studying mathematics, science and engineering at the level of 5 study units.

5X2 is a multi-sectoral initiative of paramount national and social importance. The vision of the 5X2 Initiative is to place the Israeli education system among the top 15 national education systems in the world. The project will help prepare graduates to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

The founders of the 5X2 Initiative (the Trump Foundation, the Rashi Foundation and Intel) have been joined many influential actors from the corporate, public and social sectors. Our network of partners is made up of around 100 representatives of organizations. The Ministry of Education has joined as the leading partner in the process. Other significant partners are The IDF and the Federation of Local Authorities, along with academic institutions, school networks, science museums, educational organizations and philanthropic foundations.

The initiative's Backbone Organization is Sheatufim, an organization that specializes in collaborative social impact and crooss-sector dialog.

Stage One – doubling the number of students studying at the level of 5 units in mathematics and science

In the first years the main task of the initiative was to double the number of students studying towards five units of mathematics. The initiative achieved this goal quicker than expected. The number of students doubled in just four years from the day the initiative was established. In addition, the initiative has been very successful in bringing the topic of scientific excellence to public attention. Many partners in the initiative attest to the significance of the new arena created, and the extent to which they and their relationships with their partners, have been impacted by their participation.

In the summer of 2016, the Ministry of Education published the latest data on the number of students studying and taking exams at the level of 5 units in mathematics. The numbers clearly indicate a reversal of the downward trend in the number studying mathematics for 5 units. From a low of 8,869 students in 2012, we increased to 15,800 students taking the exams in 2017 and the upward trend is expected to continue.

Number of Students Testing For Math Matriculation at Level of 5-Units in Israel

Focusing on the periphery of Israel

The data released in 2016 shows that the Initiative succeeded mainly in towns located in the center of the country. It was therefore decided to create a strategic focus in the periphery. In-depth analysis revealed the need to empower local authorities by building a local STEM ecosystem in accordance with the Collective Impact principles. The initiative worked to establish four such processes in the South: at Hura, Kiryat Gat, Be'er Sheva and in the Negev Clusters. In parallel, in 2018, the Ministry of Education launched a national program in the periphery that also focused on the municipalities, and currently operates in 26 municipalities in the north and the south in cooperation with the 5X2 Initiative.

The New Mission – Building the Second Floor Together

In view of the Initiative's achievements in the task of doubling the number of 5-unit graduates in mathematics and science, the Initiative decided to pursue a new task that addresses “21st Century Skills and Computational Thinking” as a lever for change. The fields of action will be the Junior High Schools, the periphery and under-represented populations. All this will be carried out while preserving the initiative's achievements so far.

We are currently working on formulating the renewed Initiative platform which includes: the new mission, current and target indices, and the strategy to be employed to accomplish the mission