About The TOP15 Initiative

The TOP15 initiative (previously known as the 5×2 Initiative) was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting excellence in science and technology education, as an engine for developing a general culture of excellence. This, while reducing socio-economic gaps and providing equal opportunities.

The sharp decline in the number of students and graduates in the field of science-technology has become a national challenge, creating a need for urgent action. In order to bring about systemic change at the national level, about 100 leading organizations from all sectors of Israeli society – public, social, philanthropic and business, have joined together to lead a collaborated initiative.

The Vision

The TOP15 initiative seeks to rank Israel among the 15 leading countries in the world, in terms of the quality of education in the fields of mathematics, science and technology, and to place Israel in an optimal starting position for the second quarter of the 21st century.

The first joint task that was defined – doubling the number of students who successfully pass the matriculation exam in mathematics at the level of 5 study units – was achieved within five years, along with a significant increase in the number of pupils studying physics and chemistry at the level of 5 units.

TOP15 – The New Mission

The new mission – TOP15, was launched in 2021 with the aim of addressing the lack of the skills required for excellence in the fields of science and technology among middle and high school students.

The mission seeks to provide Israeli students, with a focus on middle school, with the essential skills for excellence in science and technology education – skills that will enable them to integrate optimally and qualitatively in the military, academia and in the workplace. These skills include solving complex problems, long term independent learning, innovation and creativity, and decision making. The initiative aims to design a systemic response that will ensure equal opportunity for all Israeli students, including students in the periphery and from unique populations.

TOP15 – The Operation Model

The initiative operates according to the Collective Impact Approach. Sheatufim, as a professional Backbone organization, connects all the relevant players to create a partner network and leads to an in-depth study of the problem. The partner network outlines the strategy for creating the necessary responses, and ensures their implementation.

The TOP15 Network includes leading companies in the high-tech and knowledge-based industries, non-profit associations and organizations in the fields of education, academia, IDF technological units, philanthropy as well as senior leadership from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology.