About The 5×2 Initiative

750הצגת תהליך עבור מפגש רשת השותפים

5×2 – The Challenge

Today's high school students are tomorrow's hi-tech professionals, scientists and researchers.  Their ability to excel in Math and Science will have a critical impact on Israel's economy and society in the coming decades.  How can we affect their future – and our own?

In recent years, we have witnessed a troubling trend:

On the one hand – there has been a sharp decline in the number of students who successfully complete 5 study units in Math and Science, coupled with a growing shortage of Physics and Chemistry teachers.

On the other hand – there has been consistent growth in the different industrial sectors and a rise in the number of positions that require superior Math and Science skills.

In the immediate term, this trend is impacting the widening gaps in Israeli society and, in the long term – the nature of its future economy and society.

5×2 – The Common Mission

5×2 – doubling the number of students who excel in Math and Science!

5×2 was founded in 2013 for the purpose of doubling the number of students who finish high school in Math, Science and Engineering tracks at the 5-study unit level.  5×2 is a top national and social interest, which is meant to prepare graduates of the school system for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

The objectives we have set:

  • Recruiting leading organizations from the public, business and social sectors, and creating a space where they can work collaboratively.
  • Motivating them to take action to promote the common mission.
  • Promoting a shared policy together with the Ministry of Education, which is spearheading the process.

5×2 – The Partners

 The organizations that initiated, fund and support 5×2 and its activities include: the Trump Foundation, Rashi Foundation, Intel, SanDisk and World ORT's Kadima Mada, which were recently joined by Microsoft.

Numerous influential organizations from the business, public and social sectors have joined 5×2, and our Partners Network consists of around 100 representatives from various organizations. The Ministry of Education serves as the initiative's lead partner.

Other important players include the Ministry of Defense, the IDF and the Union of Local Authorities in Israel, alongside academic institutions, school networks, science museums, educational organizations and charitable foundations.

A business coalition was formed under the 5×2 Initiative, which includes over 40 of the most prominent hi-tech companies operating in Israel. The coalition actively promotes 5×2's objectives.

5×2's backbone organization is Sheatufim – which promotes civil society and specializes in social management, philanthropy development, and cross-sector dialog.

5×2's steering committee oversees all of the above and is responsible for setting the initiative's policy and formulating its strategy.