Business Coalition

A unique business coalition consisting of private sector companies was formed under 5×2, which recognized the initiative's importance for the future of Israel's economy and the hi-tech industry, in particular.  The companies also identified an opportunity to make an investment that promises a considerable gain, both from a business perspective as well as the national interest.

The members of the business coalition decided to collaborate and coordinate their efforts in order to energize shared objectives and promote 5×2's common agenda.

At this stage, the coalition's activities are articulated in the steps taken to increase high school students' motivation to choose 5 study units in Math, Physics and Computer Sciences.  The latter is achieved, among other things, with the help of volunteer lecturers who come from the engineering, software and R&D fields.  The students are also taken on tours of leading hi-tech and advanced technology industrial centers.

Thanks to this approach, the students are able to grasp the importance of studying science-technology subjects, which are keys to success and a ticket to the most fascinating, challenging and dynamic job market in the 21st century.

 The business coalition works together with the IDF, the National Cyber Education Center, the Ministry of Education,logos__ס_ש_¬__ש___ש_ס and the Science-Technology Talent Reserve Program.  Furthermore, the coalition's activities are coordinated by Beit Yatziv, a subsidiary association of the Rashi Foundation.  The coalition is actively recruiting additional companies in order to expand its activities and advance the importance of excellence in Math, Science and Technology, which it considers critical to Israel's economy and society.

The coalition currently consists of over 35 technology companies, all of whom are industry leaders in Israel and worldwide.