Common Agenda


Our Vision:

The goal we have set for ourselves: In 2025, Israel will be among the top fifteen countries in the world based on the quality of its Math, Science and Technology education.


המשימה המשותפת

The Common Task:

The task we face is clear: doubling the number of students who successfully complete Math, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering tracks at Israeli high schools.


הייעודOur Mission:

We view our mission as enabling many students, from all sectors and strata of the population, to exercise their right to receive a first-rate education. We believe that this is the way to offer them opportunities for a life full of success, prosperity and contribution.

מהי מצוינות

What is Excellence:

The path to the future requires an improvement in learning excellence. Excellence is the highest level of comprehension, thinking and implementation. It combines the knowledge and skills, intelligence and creativity that are needed to solve problems and deal with new situations.  That ability involves acquiring a lot of knowledge, in addition to analytical and learning capacities and the development of curiosity and initiative, which rely on values of morality and social and personal responsibility.

הוראה איכותית

What is Superior Teaching

The path to fulfilling the mission depends on the ability to ensure  first-rate teaching, which believes in each and every student, assesses and adapts itself to their abilities and difficulties, to their way of thinking and to their pace of learning.  We consider superior teaching a major key to excellence.  Superior teaching requires a high level of professionalism, setting ambitious goals, support, building trust, and providing constructive and empowering feedback.

גבולות פעילות

The Parameters of 5×2's Activities

To ensure 5×2's focus and effectiveness and maximize its potential impact on advancing the common mission, and subsequent to a discussion held by the steering committee, the parameters of its activity were defined with regard to the spectrum of subjects and age groups.

מדדים וכלי מדידהMeasures and Measurement Tools

The shared measurement system includes formulation and consensus regarding shared measures that track how joint actions are leading to the achievement of targets and results in the short and long term.  The process also necessitates the establishment of shared infrastructure (if it does not already exist) for gathering and analyzing data, reporting, reviewing the findings and sharing knowledge.

מתמטיקה תחילה"Math First"

In its capacity as a prominent, essential and key partner in the 5×2 Initiative, the Ministry of Education embraced the mission of excellence and launched the "Math First" program in May 2014.  The aim of the "Math First" program is to double the number of students who complete 5 study units – initially in Math, and in the second stage in Science and Technology subjects.