Ministry Of Education

From the outset, all the members of the Partners Network agreed that every significant undertaking to advance the 5×2 Initiative – Fostering Excellence in Science and Technology Education, would require the Ministry of Education's leadership and enlistment to promote the common agenda.

Throughout the year, joint, in-depth discussions were held with the Minister of Education, the Director General of the Ministry, its senior management and professional functions.  The purpose of these discussions was to define the substance and nature of the partnership between the Ministry and 5×2, which also put the initiative on the public agenda.

This collaboration produced its first fruits in May 2014.  The Ministry of Education embraced the excellence objective and launched the "Math First" program, headed and led by Mohana Fares, who was appointed the program's integrator.


Left to right: Mohana Fares, Program Integrator, Michal Cohen, Director General of the Ministry of Education, Shlomo Dushi, Managing Director of Sheatufim

The goal of the "Math First" program is to double the number of students at the 5 study unit level – initially in Math, and in the second stage in Science and Technology subjects.

The 5×2 Initiative works in close partnership with the "Math First" program to promote its short- and long-term objectives.  It is now clear to everyone that 5×2 has the capacity to impact the public agenda and create a genuine change in the existing reality.