Programs Pool and database

Programs Index

The programs index contains the array of science and technology education programs that are run by 5×2's Partners Network in the Israeli school system.

The programs have been implemented either nationwide or locally among all the sectors of the Israeli public, including Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews. They focus on a variety of science and technology subjects, among them Math, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

The programs are geared towards 5×2's target audiences – school principals, teachers, and students whose ages range from elementary school to high school.

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The database consists of the latest articles and research studies dealing with science education and teaching in Israel and worldwide.  Database users can access background materials in Hebrew and English on subjects such as Math and Science teaching methods, evaluation and measurement methodologies, and information about the collective impact model which the 5×2 Initiative is based on.

Database searches are performed according to requested keywords: students, teachers, evaluation and measurement, shared policy, collective impact, and general information.

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