Steering Committee

The 5×2 Initiative's steering committee is the body that leads the partnership, sets policy and makes the strategic decisions. The committee members come from the three sectors and represent the spectrum of organizations involved in the initiative.  The committee met for the first time in December 2013, and continues to convene once every quarter.

Committee Members:

1. Trump Foundation – Eli Hurvitz, Executive Director

2. World Ort – Kadima Mada - Iris Wolf, CPO

3. Intel – Bella Abrahams, Senior VP Corporate Affairs

4. Microsoft Israel R&D center – Merav Bahat, head of Strategy, Marketing and Business Planning

5. Western Digital – Shahar Bar-Or, Israel Site Manager

6. Davidson Institute – Dr. Liat Ben-David, Executive Director

7. Center for Educational Technology - Gila Ben-Har, CEO

8. Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem - Maya Halevy, Director

9. IDF –  Lieutenant-Colonel Ariella Itach-Covo

10. Technion, Israel Institute of Technology - Prof. Orit Hazan, Science and Technology Education Department

11. Teach First Israel - Shlomit Amichai, Chairperson

12. The Israel Center for Excellence in Education - Prof. Nava Ben Tzvi, Chairperson

13. ORT Israel – Joel Rothschild, Head of R&D and Training Administration

14. UJA Federation of Greater Toronto – William Kleinbaum, Managing Director Israel & Overseas

15. The Jewish Federation of Cleveland – Oren Baratz, Senior Vice President of External Affairs

16. Eli Shalev, Physics Teacher

17. Geula Sever, Mathematics Teacher

18. Ori Cheshnovsky, Professor Emeritus, Tel Aviv University

19. Ministry of Education - Muhana Fares, Head of National Program

20. Ministry of Education - Dr. Gilmor Keshset, Head of Science Division