The Backbone Organization

5×2 draws its inspiration from similar initiatives undertaken in the U.S. that are based on the collective impact model, aimed at solving complex social problems.

According to the model, a backbone organization is at the forefront of every initiative. The backbone organization is actually like an "orchestra conductor" and an engine that pushes the initiative forward.  The backbone organization must have a vision, strategic perspective and systemic view of all stages of the process.  It must act as an impartial body that is guided solely by the success of the mission.

Sheatufim, which is engaged in promoting social impact strategies, was chosen to be the backbone organization of
????the 5×2 Initiative.  In that capacity, Sheatufim combines learning and development of the knowledge relating to this field with actual facilitation of social impact initiatives at the national level.

As 5×2's backbone organization, Sheatufim works in complete tandem with the steering committee, and its tasks include:

Formulating the shared platform. The backbone organization is responsible for catalyzing the thinking process and reaching a consensus regarding the vision, the mission and the joint modes of operation.

Coordinating between the organizations that are partner to the process. Working groups dealing with various topics operate under the 5×2 Initiative. The backbone organization facilitates the process taking place in the different groups, is responsible for sharing the information between them, and assists them administratively.

Developing and assimilating shared measurement. The backbone organization, assisted by an expert consultant, spearheads the process of developing the evaluation measures. It facilitates the working groups, synchronizes the flow of information between them, and designs the shared measures.

Advancing supportive public policy. The backbone organization, together with the steering committee, is responsible for conducting a productive dialog with the Ministry of Education and for jointly formulating a sustained action strategy to promote the initiative.

Raising and leveraging funds for the initiative. The backbone organization works together with the steering committee to recruit additional partners to fund 5×2, and helps design joint funding guidelines.

More information about Sheatufim can be found on its website and on Facebook.